About Classic Warcraft

A brief history

While our name might be new, the code that is behind the server was branched from mangos many years ago, and has been worked on independently since then. This is the reason for our server having so many fixes that others don't.

Throughout the lifetime of this code the administration has changed several times, along with the name of the server. This most recently occurred in late 2013 when it became known as Classic Warcraft. We finally have a very dedicated administration team and this will be our final destination.

Who are we?

We are all WoW players who love classic, but got fed up of the "blizzlike" realms being anything but. Encounters were different and quests were bugged. Without all those minor details it felt much less like classic 1.12 from 2006.

Our team is made up of both core developers and database developers. Between us all we do scripts, in game fixes, core changes, and research.

Two of our developers double as administrators to manage the project, keeping the servers running, forums free from spam, and dealing with any and all enquiries from interested 1.12 enthusiasts.

We are also home to several dedicated testers who test all the content for us. They find the bugs for the developers to fix and research intended behaviour so the developers can concentrate on improving the server.