Our Ethos


We set out to have every quest, every NPC, and every item working. In order to do this we first need to test every single quest, NPC, and item to make sure it works. The outcome of the test is reported as working if it behaves like it did in classic, or as a bug report if it doesn't. To facilitate this a list is maintained for each category and every single test is recorded. By individually and specifically testing every quest, NPC, and item, we aim to ensure that almost all bugs can be found and removed, rather than launching the server to the public and letting players find bugs during play.


The big question for any private server is funding. Currently the server is funded out of our own pockets, and it will remain that way for as long as is possible. The current hardware should be enough to support many hundreds of players, and there is the budget available to upgrade this if necessary.

We have no intentions of selling any items in the near future, and have no intentions of ever selling gear or any non-vanity item.

Quality of support

Here at Classic Warcraft we pride ourselves in being open and providing information to our users. The administration team works hard and puts a lot of effort and time into achieving this. If you'd like to test our word, head over to IRC for a chat.

We aim to continue this level of service when the server is live, with extra code and programs in place to ensure that GM tickets can be responded to in a timely manner.

Hacking, exploits, and gold selling

We will maintain a tough stance on activity that harms the experience of other users here at Classic Warcraft. We have our own warden system in place, which is very effective but will be further improved once the server is nearer completion.

Gold selling is something that doesn't happen a lot on private servers, but because of this is can be easier for people to do, since server moderators aren't looking out for it. We have plans for systems to be put in place to prevent gold selling, as well as other behaviours which are detrimental to the experiences of others.