What makes this server different from all the others?

In short, we plan on releasing the server when it's ready, and only then. Our aim is for as close to zero bugs as possible, and this is achieved through rigerous testing, and a high level of perfectionism among the staff. We don't want to be another server that claims to be like classic 1.12 and isn't. We want to be as close as is possible, and anything short of that is not good enough.

See our ethos and about pages for more information.

Your forum doesn't look very active, is the project actually moving forward?

Most of the server discussion takes place on IRC and we use the website to update our followers of progress. We also haven't advertised the server at all, so general community interaction with people outside of our team of dedicated testers and developers is low. This is intentional on our part as we want to focus our time and effort on fixing the server and bringing everyone the most accurate classic server. Managing a large community along with advertising will only sap time from this cause.

Where will the server be located?

The server is currently located in the EU for the development phase, but for full deployment when the server goes live we will look into all available options for managing the server. We will aim to ensure that all players have the best experience possible, regardless of their location.

Will you be selling items?

Read our ethos page for more information, but the short answer is we don't plan on selling anything yet, and never plan to sell performance effecting items or gold.

What will the experience rate be?

Experience rates will be as they were in classic 1.12 (1x). While we understand that some of you will have leveled on many 1.12 servers and are now sick of it, we see no point putting in lots of hard work and effort getting every single quest in the game perfect only to have people skip the majority of it. We won't release until it's perfect so you don't have to worry about leveling again only to be let down.

How can I get involved/help?

If you'd like to do some testing, research, or think you have some other skill we might need then you can apply to contribute to the project here.

Will you have world chat?

Since channels can be created by anyone, somehow disabling this feature would be sacrificing the authenticity of the server in an attempt to recreate the experience of 1.12. We will however moderate the channel to ensure abuse does not take place.

Will you gradually release content?

Yes, the server will start at patch 1.2. Talents, spells and abilities cannot be rolled back, but the released content will. This means no Dire Maul, no Zul'Gurub and no world bosses. This limitation of gear we hope will make Molten Core more challenging. Donation rewards from Argent Dawn and Cenarian Circle will also be disabled and PvP gear will have its stats reverted to the older values.

Why don't you merge with server X?

There are many reasons why this is not a possibility, however it can be generalised to say that there is no server that has the same ethos as us that is interested in producing the same content at the moment.

Will you look at Nostalrius' code?

We'll take a look at it, but not all of it will be portable to our core.

Will you be using Nostalrius' characters?

No. These characters will already have gear that won't be available on our servers at launch. It also seems likely that many other servers will provide a home for Nost's characters and players will continue there if they wish.

More questions?

Ask them here.