Just some of the changes and additions we've made to make this server unlike any other.

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Blink and charge

No more falling through the world.


Low level mobs that most servers would consider insignificant have been scripted.

Mobs net you then run away to spear you.

Many mobs on one player will group around the target instead of piling up.

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Coming Soon

Alt-F4 the door

One of the first things that was fixed was the old alt-F4 door exploit.

Dungeons are no longer blizzlike when the 'normal' way to do it is to glitch through a door.

Vanish for PvP

Vanish works to avoid spells or abilities just like any PvP rogue would expect.

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Coming Soon


Buffing works just like it should. You can stack food with titans with elixir of fortitude without problems.

Food buffs stack with ZG potions and only one ZG potion is allowed.

Elixir of Giants can be buffed along with Elixir of Brute Force but the player only receives the strength benefit of Giants since it's strength value is higher.

Class buffing works too, you can't double buff battleshout, or double buff ranks of totems.

Engineering items

Rocket boots are fully functional and fail at the most inappropriate times.

Reflect trinkets work even when activated while a spell is in flight.

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